Must-see series: The tense edition


Welcome to this new category: Must-see Series. This week I’ll be introducing you to some series that I found very thrilling, tense to watch. The weather in Belgium is kinda cold at the moment, so this makes it the perfect opportunity to watch some good old series this weekend.

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Welcome to The Comfort Corner

Starting this blog has been a very long dream of mine. I’ve been reading blogs for ages and created a few simple blogs every time I travelled. What I loved most about this was just write stories and create content. Now I’m taking this leap. On The Comfort Corner you will find articles about food, travel, lifestyle, stories and recipes. You can see this as your little hang-out or go-to hideaway where you can just be your comfortable self. We have to be so much in this world full of pressure and standards, here you can throw it all overboard. 

So grab yourself a cuppa, a glass of wine or even a pizza slice and enjoy some you time.