Must-see series: The tense edition


Welcome to this new category: Must-see Series. This week I’ll be introducing you to some series that I found very thrilling, tense to watch. The weather in Belgium is kinda cold at the moment, so this makes it the perfect opportunity to watch some good old series this weekend.


The Following

This American series tells the story about a former FBI agent, Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and a serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). The series start with the escape of Joe Carroll from prison. Ryan Hardy is a full on alcoholic at that time, but since he is the one who captured Joe last time he needs to get back on board with the FBI. I loved the series because it is very exciting, you don’t really know what is happening or what will be Joe Carrolls next move. At the same time the role of Ryan Hardy gets so much more depth which keeps it interesting.

3 seasons
You will find season 1 and season 2 on Netflix
IMDB 7.5/10


The Killing (USA version)

What I loved about this TV series is that it is super dark and I loved the chemistry between the two main characters. It is a complete new way of watching a “police/crimi” series. We start off with the murder of a young girl, the police investigation, a mayoral campaign in Seattle and the family of the victim. As I said before the chemistry between Sarah Linden, a quiet and awkward woman and Stephen Holder, an Eminem wannabe high on energyrinks, is excellent! I watched all four seasons of The Killing in 1 month. Talk about a binge watching session and late night hours of no sleep.

4 seasons
You will find all seasons on Netflix
IMDB 8.2/10


The Missing

See how all good series start with THE? This is a short series of 8 episodes and a coproduction from the BBC and the Belgian channel EEN. During a family vacation in France Oliver, the only son of the family, goes missing. What follows is the devastating search for Ollie by his father and mother. They are followed in their search, and especially Tony’s search (the father). Not only is each episode really tense and dramatically but you really get sucked in completely and feel Tony’s pain. He is a broken man, desperately looking for his son.

1 season
You will find the 1st season on Netflix
IMDB 8.1/10

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