The Comfort Corner in Beijing (3)


On one of my last days in Beijing I’ve visited in one day the Great Wall of China and the Summer Palace. I just fell in love with the Summer Palace. Hands down, one of the best things I’ve ever visited.

I started out the day really early with a visit to the Great Wall of China. Now, I was lucky enough to extend my visit all whilst keeping my driver that I had during the week to go to meetings. This was so relaxing.

First we went to the Great Wall because this is about a 1.5 hour drive from the city center of Beijing. Please be so smart to check upfront which part of the wall you would like to visit. As I was dropped off at a point that only involved stairs. Now you must know that the Chinese smog, a million stairs and asthma don’t go all too well together.


As you can see a lot of stairs. Sorry for the blurriness on the pictures, this is due to the smog.


As you can see it is really crowded on the Great Wall. Since I only had one day to visit two highlights of Beijing I decided to stay for about an hour and then head back to the city.


When I looked down to get back, I got a little¬†frightened by the height and decided to head back via a secret little road which didn’t involve stairs. I found a beautiful little path to go down and came across this sign:


After this visit I hopped back in the car and off we went to the Summer Palace, which was awesome. I absolutely loved, loved, loved this! It was the palace which was built for emperors and later turned into the palace where the emperor enjoyed its vacations.


The palace consists of course out of a lot of buildings, temples, lakes and a huge park. Which my inner self absolutely 100% loved. The park was so big and so peaceful. I felt so relax walking around on the park grounds. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good picture of the park but just from the lakes and some buildings.


Since I went on a Saturday there were loads of people. Which is really weird is that if you are travelling alone, people will literally come up to you and talk to you. They are very interested by everything European. To show you what I mean by crowded:


After being in this crowd, I decided to just head pack to the park to relax some more. To be honest, the buildings didn’t receive all of my attention since I thought a lot of them resembled each other. But the lakes, the boat houses and the park satisfied my curiousness.


After a long day of visiting I deserved some food (because duh!). This time I went for the Korean BBQ which satisfied my needs as well.


Just look at all that delicious food


After a long day of sightseeing this was just what I needed.

Thank you so much for reading.



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