Sightseeing in Tel Aviv


Every now and then I get the opportunity to travel for work to beautiful countries. In December, last year, I had the chance to visit Tel Aviv in Israel. Israel truly is a magnificent country.

Let me take you back with me with some snapshots of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. A lot of the hotels are situated at the boardwalk of Tel Aviv, a long the Mediterranean coast.


Near the Carmel Market I found this interesting building. I like the contrast with the modern city. The Carmel Market is really worth a visit, it is the largest fruit and vegetable market of Tel Aviv.


After our visit to the Carmel Market we walked back to the hotel via the beach. This kind of temperature in December is my cup of tea.


Meetings with a view at the Carlton beach club.


We went on a walk from Tel Aviv to Jaffa. It is a 5 km walk and we had some interesting views along our way.


Jaffa in the distance.


Halfway point, almost there!


Finally arrived in Jaffa after a long walk.


The weather wasn’t feeling it..


The cute little town square of Jaffa


Another view of the town square


Wandering the small streets of Jaffa


Hope you enjoyed this photo post. Did you ever visited Tel Aviv & Jaffa? What are your thoughts about Israel? I fell in love!





4 thoughts on “Sightseeing in Tel Aviv

  1. My husband and I traveled to Israel last year in May. Although we did not make time to see family relatives (not close relatives though), we did enjoy the company of some of our friends in both Tel-Aviv and Netanya. If along your trip you get to know locals, I could only recommend that you stay in touch with them and try to meet the next times you go there, it will help you get more insights on the real Israeli life! Have you wandered about in Neve Tzedek? That’s so beautiful, I love this small district of Tel-Aviv! We want to go back again with a couple of years, because it’s a small country but with a lot to offer!


    1. Thank you very much for your message! Great to hear that you enjoyed Tel-Aviv as well.. I will defenitely stay in touch with the people I have met there. Israel sure is a beautiful country with lots to discover.

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