Travel to Israel


Before traveling to Israel I really didn’t had any clue what to expect. At first I didn’t feel really reassured to travel there due to the ongoing tensions. However, right before leaving shit hit the fan here in Brussel and I felt like I rather be in Israel than in Belgium (remember the terrorist threats).

I wanted to share some tips and information with you because there were certain things that I would’ve like to have known upfront.

  • Prepare yourself to cue for at least an hour at border security. They are really strict in Israel and you shouldn’t try to make a joke or anything.
  • Ask to receive your visa stamp upon entry outside of your passport. Normally they already give you a separate little document for this, but just ask it to be sure. If you have a stamp from Israel in your passport it is likely that you cannot travel to Arabian countries anymore with that passport.
  • There are militaries with their firearms everywhere. And by everywhere I really do mean everywhere. You should know that every Israeli needs to serve the army for an X number of years. If I’m not mistaken 3 for guys and 1 for girls, straight after high school. So the reason why you would see them in transportation is because they are a.o. commuting
  • The weekend in Israel is on Friday and Saturday. Saturday is Shabbath, their resting days.
  • Depending on the tension at the moment you might want to hold off on visiting certain cities or sightseeing’s. I for one, really wanted to see Jerusalem. But when we were there, there had just been an attack on tourists and therefore the embassy strongly advised against going.
  • You will see multiple times per day three helicopters with huge firearms that fly along the coast. It is just regular patrols.
  • When leaving the country you will need to answer to a lot of questions before you can even check-in your luggage.
  • When your cueing to go through security random people will be picked out of the cue to go to another security check. Don’t worry, I had this happening to me. I was so scared and thought I did something wrong. But it is completely random and you just get checked a little bit more than others. Meaning: you’ll need to empty your carry-on luggage and wait for about 45 minutes.

Other than that, Israel is so worth the visit. If not for the beautiful country then for the great food (HUMMUS)!



5 thoughts on “Travel to Israel

  1. Nice post, Yael. Hope you’re doing well, and for sure you’re better off in Israel than in Belgium right now. All my support in regards to what’s happening to your country… But life must go on, and it’s good you have a chance to be elsewhere with your mind busy on other things too.


    1. Thank you very much for your sweet message, it is highly appreciated. We are living in a very bizar world. This weekend I think I’ll give some recipes of you a go to keep my mind of of things. Great weekend to you Sophie!

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