Sightseeing in Haifa


We had one meeting in Haifa on a Tuesday morning. The train ride from Tel Aviv to Haifa takes about an hour and gave us some splendid views on Israel. Since our meeting only lasted 30 minutes, our contact person Danny to us on a tour around the city! I really loved the idea of a local showing us around.

The city of Haifa is built partially on the mountain of Karmel.


You will find some excellent viewing point’s throughout the city.


The higher you get, the better the view.


Here we had great view on the Bahai Temple, unfortunately it was closed that day. I would’ve loved to visit the gardens.


We also went to check out a church which contained the cave Elijah. To be honest, I forgot to take a picture of the cave. However, I did take a picture of the ceiling of the church, I have a thing for this. I am not at all religious but I can really like to visit church because I can truly appreciate the beautiful architecture, the windows, the ceiling.

I mean, look at the details.

What I also liked in Haifa was the architecture of the houses. So pretty!


I mean, check out the colors, the forms and the beautiful contrast with the blue sky’s!

For Haifa you can see the neighbouring countries of Israel.


To end this perfect morning of sightseeing Danny took us to eat the best falafel of Haifa, according to him. Seriously, mouthwatering good. I could eat there every day. I took a picture of the falafel shop, however I forgot to write down the name.


I’ll get back to you guys as soon as I find out the name.

If you ever travel to Israel a visit of Haifa is really worth it. You can take the train from Tel Aviv, it takes about an hour. Also good to know, train tickets aren’t that expensive. You’ll pay 44 Shekel for a return ticket which is about € 10.

Did you ever visit Haifa? & did you like the city?




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