The little things in life


Life gives us so many blessings. Sometimes however we do feel overwhelmed by life. During these times it is good to make a list of things that make you happy and appreciative of life! This is my list:

  • Traveling for work to beautiful countries such as China, Israel and Spain
  • Spending a nice afternoon with my mum, first on the phone and then just deciding to stop by because we hadn’t done talking after our phone call
  • My boyfriend who always listens to me stories whether they’re sad or funny or not interesting at all, he always listens
  • Spending the entire evening cooking delicious meals, trying new recipes and new desserts
  • A nice hot bath with my favorite Lush bath bomb
  • Spring temperatures
  • Coming home, parking the car and going for a walk
  • Music
  • Driving on a freeway without traffic and the music really loud
  • Netflix and my bed, best combi ever
  • Blue skies and white fluffy clouds
  • Strolling in the sun on the Grand Place of Brussels. Truly one of the most beautiful places of the city



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