Food diary Beijing


One of the perks of being in China is the incredible food. Honestly, I love Chinese food (but only in China). There is so much to discover and so much to try and it is all so good!

I tried to take as many pictures as possible of all that I ate but sometimes I forgot, just because that’s the way I roll. I’m a hungry person and I have a short attentionĀ span.

Upon arrival I did a meeting and then when had lunch at a dumpling restaurant. I can honestly say that I love dumplings way too much. For diner I didn’t had anything because I was way too tired and had to sleep for 10 hours straight.


On Tuesday I had breakfast in the hotel, which wasn’t quite the party. The pancakes were hard as a rock as were the croissants. The eggs where cold. Anyway, this wasn’t a big deal to me. For lunch we had Subway unfortunately. We were in the office of a partner and they invited us to come with them. Diner was way better! We had Beijing Hot Pot. I absolutely adore this. Basically you get a pot with boiling hot water that is spiced with ginger, onions and mushrooms. You can order all kinds of meats and veggies. Also included is a delicious sesame sauce in which you dip all your cooked ingredients.


This Hot Pot thing makes me think about the Sorting Hat that they use at Hogwarts (or is it just me?)

I think that Wednesday was my favorite day food wise! I enjoyed everything I ate so much. For lunch we went to a true winner of a restaurant, one of the best dumpling restaurants of Beijing. Just look at the pictures to see how good everything looks. We ate until we couldn’t fit anymore dumplings in our mouth. Diner was also a winner! We went to eat typical Chinese food and we ended up eating this soup with dough, lamb and noodles and chicken with peanuts and a sweet sticky sauce. This was heaven!


Can life get any better than this? Well can it?!

On Thursday, my final day in Beijing we treated ourselves (in the evening) because during lunch we were giving presentations. But before I get to that, we tried all kind of Chinese ice-creams and treats. Loved the ice-cream, loved the sour berries on a stick, hated the spicy duck neck, not my thing!

We went out for Beijing BBQ which is the next best thing after Korean BBQ in my opinion. The Korean BBQ is more my thing because of the way the meat is presented and the fact that you eat your food with sauce. The Beijing BBQ meat is dipped in a peanut and pepper crunch. Which to be honest, is very delicious too.




Had to take a picture of the presentation of our plates and cups. This made me laugh way to hard.

Everytime when I’m in China I also like to try new stuff but I also challenge myself to eat something that we would never, ever see on the menu in Europe. This time around I tried the sheep dick. Let’s just say, this was not my cup of tea ;)!


There you have it.. My food experience in Beijing! Hope you liked this read. I’m curious to know what the craziest thing is you ever tried?




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