Citytrip Berlin – day 1

IMG_0470A few weeks ago I went to Berlin with one of my Belgian friends. We found a ticket with Ryanair for 20€ and decided to just hop on that plane and go.

I was travelling with a friend who is still in college therefore we decided to go low-budget and sleep in a hostel. For me, it was my first (and last) time sleeping in a hostel. I for one am way too spoiled to ever do that again. Especially since I feel like if we would’ve paid 25€ more per person, we could’ve slept in a good hotel.

To be honest, we didn’t really stick to plan as far as sightseeing goes. Before traveling I always like to check what I’d like to see. In this case I would’ve loved to see the Sachsenhausen concentration camp as well as an old DDR house called ‘Museumwohnung’. As the famous saying goes; you can’t have it all.


On day one we’ve started the day off right with a fitgirls breakfast! Just kidding, we ate donuts. So far as to successful adulting! After that we decided to see the highlights of the city. We took the subway to the Zoologischer garten in the city center and headed out to the Potsdamer Platz, saw the Berlin wall and continued our way to the Holocaust Monument. I must say; I’ve seen it on a lot of pictures but I still thought of it to be very impressive.



After the Holocaust Momunent we walked to Brandenburger Tor. Unfortunately up to that point the weather was horrible. As you can see in the pictures. But never be too quick to judge, it got better after that.



I really like to walk because it gives you the opportunity to discover so much more of a city. We continued our visit and walked to the Berliner Dom, which I absolutely loved! We decided to also go to Alexander Platz in order to go to the Park Inn hotel and do the panorama viewing of the city. However, due to bad weather the Panorama was closed unfortunately. I kind of felt that this was the turning point of my visit to Berlin since this was the 3rd thing I absolutely wanted to do (and that didn’t happen).


After a long walk through the city we jumped on the metro and went to the Mauerpark. I read about the Mauerpark on a lot of blogs about Berlin and that’s why we decided to go there. I honestly loved the hipster atmosphere there. There was a market, a flea market and even a small food market. People where happy, the weather started to get better. It was great.The park still contains a large part of the wall and it is the only place where people can still paint graffiti on it.




Did you ever visit Berlin? How did you like it?

Thanks for reading!




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