Citytrip Berlin – day 2


A few weeks ago I went to Berlin with one of my Belgian friends. We found a ticket with Ryanair for 20€ and decided to just hop on that plane and go. Today I’ll take you through our second day in Berlin.

The second day in Berlin was one of horrible weather. It was raining, the wind was crazy and we were freezing. However, we decided to suck it up and go. We decided to go see the East Side Gallery, part of the Berlin Wall.

We hadn’t had breakfast yet and we’d left the hostel a little bit late. Lucky for us, we stumbled upon the Burgermeister. Honestly, this was the one place I wanted to try. Not a chance in hell that I wasn’t going to eat there.


Tried to take a picture, they screamed KEIN PHOTO, nailed it anyway!

Burgermeister is famous for their hamburgers and I read a lot about this online. Since I’m a real hamburger enthusiast I decided that I had to try their burgers.

And so we did. What shall I say, the burgers were excellent and juicy. I absolutely love the flavors however I’m a big fan of BBQ sauce and if you tell me there is BBQ sauce on the burger, then it better be in there. For me, there wasn’t enough sauce. It was rather onions stirred in the BBQ sauce than a real sauce.


Isn’t this the best breakfast ever ;)? Would I go there again? Definitely! But I would encourage them to add some extra sauce.

After regaining our strengths we continued our walk to the East Side Gallery. It is basically a route along the water where there is still a part of the wall up. However it is fenced. If you have a fancy big camera there’s no way in hell you can take a good picture. Luckily for me I haven’t invested in a good one yet so I could take some close ups.





We decided after the East Side Gallery to go see Checkpoint Charlie, since we hadn’t seen this yet. I’m really into history and everything but I must admit that Checkpoint Charlie wasn’t worth the detour. Didn’t take a picture of it either.

The next stop of our journey was the Monkey Bar. Heard a lot about this place and decided it was worth a try. Especially for the view and the G&Ts. The bar is situated in the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. If you don’t stay in the hotel you’ll probably have to queue a bit. It’s next to Bikini which is a concept mall which is definitely worth the visit when it’s open.


Here’s a little impression of the view from the rooftop Monkey bar. I really liked the ambiance in there and will definitely return the next time when in Berlin.


We’ve ended our trip with a quick dinner and headed back to our hostel since we left really early the next morning.

What’s your favorite city for a citytrip? And what would you love to visit when in Berlin?




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